A New Look

Welcome to What-The-Doctor-Ordered.com, a website devoted to the concept that cooking for yourself, your family, and your friends can be a tremendous source of enjoyment, as well as part of a healthy lifestyle. Here you’ll find recipes developed by doctors from all disciplines (even veterinarians!) who like to come home from work, roll up our sleeves, and create delicious, healthful meals. For some of us, it’s a form of relaxation, for others an outlet for creativity, and for many, it’s both.  We’re amateurs, but we bring to cooking a particular flair and an understanding of how to make food tasty and attractive without loading up on fat and calories.

This is not a diet plan or weight-loss program, but rather a place to check out what health-conscious doctors do to prepare good food that is beautifully presented, flavorful, and appealing to the senses. You’ll find both doctor-developed dishes and recipes that have been “treated” to bring calories, fat, and other nutritional aspects more in line with healthy parameters, as well as cooking techniques, ingredient substitutions, health tips, and more. We’ll keep posting recipes—try them out, tell your friends, and enjoy the food you make as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The recipes and content on www.what-the-doctor-ordered.com are for information only. The contents of the recipes, such as graphics, images, text, quoted information and all other materials (“Content”) are provided for reference only, do not claim to be complete or exhaustive or to be applicable to any particular individual’s medical condition. Users should always consult with a qualified and licensed physician or other medical care provider or nutritionist. Users are warned to follow the advice of their physicians without delay regardless of anything seen or read on this website.

www.what-the-doctor-ordered.com and St. Joseph’s Healthcare System assume no duty to correct or update the Content nor to resolve or clarify any inconsistent information that may be a part of the Content. Reliance on any Content is solely at the User’s risk.

Publication of information or reference in www.what-the-doctor-ordered.com to specific sources such as specific products, procedures, physicians, treatments, or diagnoses are for information only and are not endorsements of St. Joseph’s Healthcare System.

On October 19, 2011, we kicked off a collaborative effort involving What-the-doctor-ordered (WTDO), the Food and Nutrition Service at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, and the hospital’s Wellness at Work program.


The WTDO facelift and content upgrade would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of Maura Rhodes, noted writer and editor who has spent much of her journalism career writing about food, nutrition, and health. Thank you so much!

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